Encouragement Grant awarded for 2022

Our Encouragement Grant for 2022 has been awarded to Alison Walker. Alison is a proud Djiringanj woman of the Yuin nation who shares her pride and commitment to her cultural history. This love is well expressed in her colourful artwork.

My name is Alison Walker and my home is Wallaga Lake – a small coastal Aboriginal community on the far south coast of New South Wales. My totem is Umbarra – the Black duck of the Djiringanj Tribe.

 I take strength from my culture, which has been passed down to me through my Elders over many generations.  This has instilled within me a deep love and respect for my culture.  My artistic practise always seeks to offer the viewer a story that expresses the importance and cultural significance of the land, the sea, the mountains, our animals and our story lines.   All relate to the Dreaming and the stories passed down to us through our Elders.

 I walk proudly down that Dreaming track and I am thankful for the gifts that have flowed to me and the opportunity to share these with others.  I love to paint – it is my life.  I hope that the passion and happiness that painting gives to me is reflected through my art as memories flow out from within me.  They bring me great joy and I hope that the pride I have in my heritage is shared with the observer.